Here Bekah Clark pulls out a soap box.  She looks around and steps on it.  What she has to say, is it important?  Maybe to her alone.

February 23, 2016

Being an indie publisher, I do it all.  I work hard to write the book and make it as  perfect as I am able.  I scour book cover sites trying to find the perfect cover.  Then I work on the marketing of my book. I'll be honest, I'm lost.  I am terrible at self promotion....

July 6, 2015

So I'm older.  A lady never tells how old.  And I am addicted to YA fiction.  Particularly fantasy or sci-fi romances.  Why?  I read books designed for older women.  I also read a lot of straight up Sci-Fi.  I read some new adult too.  But YA is so highly addictive.  W...

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