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Staying on track, writer's troubles

What are my biggest troubles as a writer? They are many and varied but right now I want to talk about my difficulty in staying on track. That is, focusing on finishing one project. I'm nearing the end for the Rise of the Hawk series. The Peacock In Summer and The Vulture In Fall are both written and I have been editing and proofing them. Well, mostly. I keep stalling and I know what it is. I want to move on to the next thing. I have several ideas playing bumper cars in my head and they all want to get out. I've wrote down in my idea book notes so that I don't lose the ideas. However, last night instead of editing like a good girl, I wrote the first chapter of a new series I want to start. I want to assure all of you, however, that both of these books are coming out this year. I want to finally have the whole series out there. Then, I will wrap up the Frozen Queen series and finally I will finish the Stone Sisters novels. So what is this post about? It's a little of me whining and a little of me letting you into my crazy head. I wonder how it is that other authors stay on track when they have stories that are dying to get out. Any thoughts? Questions? Concerns? You can either use the comments page or you can contact me on the Contact Us page. Hope to hear from you!

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