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Kindle Scout? I made it!

So as some of you may know, I decided to go for Kindle Scout. I was so scared to do it. For one thing, when I self pub I don't feel as judged. The other thing was it was a massive undertaking. I didn't just put my book up and let it do its thing. I have heard of some people doing that, though. You may wonder how I got it. I'll tell you since I'm not about to sell my secret. It isn't really a secret. First off, have a great cover and the girl who I had custom my cover did an amazing job. You can find her here: Daniela Owergoor: I know there are others, but I want to get the word out about her. Next, make sure your one liner is catchy. This helps to get people to give your book a look. This leads to the importance of your summary, get the description of your book, but leave people wanting more. Your first chapter has to draw them in, too. A lot of people judge you based on that. Now for the most important stuff. Networking and marketing. I had a group I was with on Facebook and after hmming and hawwing for a while about it, I asked the admins if I could let people know about the Kindle Scout nomination because anyone who nominates gets a free copy of the book if you are selected. The admins talked about it and said yes. If you do this, it is VITAL you get permission first. Private message the admins. This actually helped me a great deal because I got a huge boost by the group and got on the Hot and Trending list early. You don't have to be Hot everyday, but it helps. Second, I boosted a post of Facebook and spent money on advertising that way. It was only $50.00 but I did get a few clicks from that. Finally, I went through friends and follows lists and I asked. I asked nicely and let them know that if they didn't want to, it was ok. I wasn't going to pressure people, people don't like that after all. I got a lot of traffic from this as well.

So now what? I'm starting the process of getting the book ready for publication. Once I know how that goes, I'll keep you all posted. I want to give a HUGE shout out to all you WONDERFUL people who helped me by nominating my book. I can't thank you enough!

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