Who is Bekah Clark?  Read on to find out!

Bekah Clark is an avid daydreamer and a romantic who is, more often than not, lost in her own little world.  Writing has always been her passion, though it is only recently she's chosen to share her stories with others.  She has a mundane day job that she chooses to not define her.  By night, she's often typing away, letting her heart live her dreams.


Best known for The Healer and the Warrior as well as the Rise of the Hawk series, she is also the author of the Frozen Queen trilogy (second book spring 2020!), The Empress and the Assassin series (book 2 due 2020!) and the Stone Sisters duology (second novel late 2020).  While most of her work is romantic fantasy novels, she's also working on a couple of paranormal romance titles.  She enjoys getting feedback for her novels and makes a point of reading every review she gets.

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The Complete Rise of the Hawk series

Three devoted sisters. Two warring queens. One amazing journey. Follow Maevan, Korla, and Renna as they discover their destinies while helping their mother, the rightful queen, take back her throne. Destroying the Rogue Queen will not be easy or straightforward. Her evil knows no bounds and she is uneasy knowing that Xenya, and her three daughters, could seize the monarchy. The three princesses believe they are prepared to help their mother but are unacquainted with the world outside of...

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