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The Infamous FAQ

So I've had a few of the same questions pop up and I guess it's time for me to do an FAQ.  Over time I'll expand as more questions come in.  So hopefully this will answer some of the questions I get.
Coran, Korla AND Koren? What is up with the names?
Do you know what all three have in common? If you've not read the series, beware a spoiler is about to begin. They all have the blood of the Third House in them. Korrenna was a famous ruler of the Third House who brought the family to Cardea. A lot of descendants of the Third House carry that name. It is considered lucky. Korenna was the daughter of Meileena, ruler of the Third House and Xerin, son of the First House. So Shaezen named Coran after Korrenna to be lucky, but also because she sent a letter to Koren to sway him with a familial bond. Xenya and Koren named Korla and Renna after her partially because Korrenna had forged a tight bond with the Cardeans and hoped that one of the girls would live and rule their once they were back in Traven and partially because Xenya wanted to name Korla after her husband whom she deeply loved and Renna after the ruler because even though she was not much of a believer in luck, she thought any little bit of help for her house couldn't hurt.
Will there be a Frozen Queen 2?
Yes.  Sorry for the delay.  I made a mistake and read a scathing review that had me spiraling down every time I tried to write it.  So instead, I focused on finishing The Rise of the Hawk series.  Now that I'm done editing The Healer and the Warrior, I have The Stone Sisters: Lexa going.  At the same time, I will be writing The Frozen Queen: Suspended Heart... Which brings me to question 2. I'm hoping to get FQ2 out before the end of the year. This year I'm also planning on my first contemporary romance The Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy B*. It is turning out to be a lot of fun. Also, The Veilan Prince (book 2 in The Empress and the Assassin.)
What about the next Stone Sisters novel?
So at the same time as I am working on the above, I am going to be writing The Stone Sisters: Lexa.  Like the Frozen Queen novels, this is going to be a three book series.  Or it was. I'm re-working the manuscript to make it a two book series. I'm sorry for the delays and I will get these out.
So is that all you're working on?
No, actually I have two other series that I am thinking about trying to find a traditional publisher for.  Why the sudden change to traditional publishing?  Honestly, I have no money to advertise my books and I am horrible at networking so the books I have out now are not getting the exposure I need to sell them.  I have a few fans who share who I am, but I have hardly any reviews so right now, I'm struggling.  It's a bit discouraging when people don't write reviews.  I actually read them.  Though I think from now on if it is 2 stars or less, I'm not going to so I don't have a repeat of The Frozen Queen debacle.
What the hell is an anstal?
It's my own private easter egg that all my fantasy world novels have the same currency.  The anstal.  You'll find it in The Rise of the Hawk series, The Healer and the Warrior and the super secret series I'm working on.  One anstal is roughly 75 cents (US currency).  A silver anstal is 95 anstals.  A gold anstal is 250 anstals.  A platinum anstal is 620 anstals.
For now I'll stop here.... as soon as I get more questions, I'll put them up here.  If you want me to answer something, PLEASE use the Contact Us page!  I'll get the question immediately and I'll work on answering you.  If you're here, you probably enjoy my books and for that, I thank you!!!
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