HEA. Well, I'm not promising.

January 8, 2017


So let me start with this.  I prefer beloved characters getting their Happily Ever Afters.  In fact, when the book ends and someone I love is dead, I sometimes get furious at the author.  How could you kill someone I love so much?  I read to escape the horrors of reality.  Sure, some people want it more real.  And sure, I want my characters to overcome obstacles.  But that is the key word, overcome.  When you kill someone I love, my heart breaks and there have been a few times that I have stopped buying books from that author because I can't take it that someone I love is dead!  So why am I not promising?  When I write a book or series of books, I have a basic plan.  I know where I want to go with each book.  However, for the most part, I let the characters flow through me and choose their own paths.  Sometimes, this alters my plan and I have to think about things to get my peeps back on track.  But when I'm writing, it's like I'm reading.  My characters surprise me.  Sometimes I want a certain set of people to get together and when I create a new character that meets them, suddenly I realize that the chemistry with the new person is so much more amazing that I have to re-work the book and fix it so that people realize why things changed.  Once I have the first draft down, that's when I really start to go to work, fixing things now that I know the true path of my characters.  Also, tying them to the new books, if it is a series.  Killing someone off isn't really a choice, it's the way the story developed and my heart gets ripped out too.  So all this boils down to I can't guarantee HEAs but I'll do my best to try.  What about you?  Are HEAs a must for you?  Tell me about it on my comments page.  Take care all!

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