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Reviews, Hmmmm

Yes I am writing about reviews again, but this is what is on my mind. And this is a little different. I will admit that I have been lax when it comes to reviewing books I have read. Usually, if I LOVE a book beyond reason, I might review it. Conversely, if I want to rip out my eyes for reading it, I have at one or two occasions wrote one star reviews. I don't like giving them, but I was so angry that I had spent money on the book I couldn't hold back. I've put a few reviews on Goodreads, a few more than I have on Amazon. The thing is, now that I'm publishing my own books I realized something. Dammit, I NEED reviews. On Amazon. I honestly don't think I'm getting many people interested in actually buying my book from Goodreads reviews. Makes me sad because I want to share my work with as many people as possible. But, I'll admit it. Unless it is an author who I really like, I always check their rating. I usually read different types of reviews for the book. I'll read a five star, a one star and several four and three stars. I'll admit, based on the reviews I've read, I have given three star books and been happy. Which is why I read a selection of different reviews per book. Where do I read these reviews? On Amazon as I am trying to decide if I want to buy a book or not. And here I am, an author in DESPERATE need for reviews ON AMAZON and what am I doing with these books? Mostly, not reviewing them. There is an author or two for whom I'll go on Amazon and write a review one out of every four books or so, but I can do better. As I check for reviews on Amazon and hope and pray that the people who have bought my book will put up a review on Amazon, I realized I need to be as giving as I am hoping people will be. So, from now on, if the book is three stars or above in my eyes, I WILL write a review. As for one or two stars, probably not. Unless I'm really angry, which does not happen often. Sometimes I just don't like a book, but that has nothing to do with the author. Still, I think I might try to temper those things. Better to say nothing than to be cruel. Why the change of heart? I've encountered a couple of low reviews of my books and I wanted to cry so badly because of them. I wanted to respond, not attack, but respond and I had to fight myself to just let it go. You can't please everyone. So I'll try to pull back on low star reviews that I write and push forward on three and above. And I am going to put these on Amazon, to help my fellow authors. I'll admit, however, that I am terrible at writing reviews. But that doesn't matter. The other day when an individual on Amazon gave me a five star review for The Hawk In Winter, I wasn't counting how many sentences they wrote, I was just ecstatic that I got a review on Amazon at all! So I left a comment, thanking that person. I hope they read it, because I genuinely appreciated it. So, what do you think? Are you going to try your hand at writing more reviews? I hope you do, even if you aren't reviewing me. Happy reading all!!!

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