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Insight On Bekah Clark

So I have several processes I follow when I write. Sometimes I start with the idea of a world. Or, the idea of a single character and everything is created around her. Sometimes I jot notes down in one of my journals so I don't forget later when I go to write the book. Other times, I just let the characters play around in my head until they and their story take enough form that I write them down. I'd say my biggest drawbacks is finishing off a novel. Once I've done the second draft, I tend to stagnate. I have to fight with myself to further refine it. Inside, the urge to move to another novel that wants to come out is so strong. If I had a contract with a publishing company, I suppose I'd be a bit more professional about this and stop dilly-dallying. But since I self publish, I answer to me. And let me tell you folks, Bekah Clark is a procrastinator. I need deadlines. Those make me work harder. I have been kicking around an idea for a book that I may traditionally publish. But more on that when the time is right. So if you are mad at me because I've not gotten the book you wanted fast enough, my apologies. Feel free to contact me on the appropriate page. Let me know you want me to get my butt in gear. Maybe it'll help. Because I am just so tempted to go on to the next thing.

So what about you? Do you waste time? Hit the comments page and let me know.

Well that ended up having a lot in common with my previous post. But this is to give information about me. Well, here's some. I don't often listen to music when I write. I know a lot of authors do, but if I listen to music, I start singing. When I start singing, I look away from the page and close my eyes and just ignore what I'm doing. So what do I do? Sometimes I write in silence, but that can get on my nerves. A lot of times I put in a movie that I have seen a MILLION times. Like Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars or Kate and Leopold. Something that I knew so well that I don't have to pay attention to know what is going on. Then, when I need a couple of moments to let my brain re-calibrate before I continue to type, I can turn my eyes to the TV and drift for a few moments. I don't have to wonder where I am in the movie, because I already know. And when my brain is ready to dive back in, I can turn away from the movie with ease.. I especially love it if the movie as a score that resonates with me. That actually helps me write.

In case any of you were worried, let me reassure you BOTH of the last two books of the Rise of the Hawk series are coming out THIS YEAR. That's set. I'm just griping.

Take care all! Please feel free to contact me.

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