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Hollywood v. Books

So I like a good movie. Most people do. But what I don't like is when I find out that a book I love is going to be a movie. Well no, that's not true I LOVE when I find out about that. I hope and I pray it will be good. I remember all the wonderful little tidbits of the book that I loved. In my excitement, I hurriedly go to see the movie based on the book. And then I am left bereft. Why? How could some screenwriter or director or producer read my favorite and do that to it! They've ruined the movie, it tanks and I cry how there will now not be a sequel.

Let me pause a moment. There are times when I go and I am spectacularly satisfied. It is those relatively few times that that happens, which always makes me so hopeful. Hopeful that as I walk into the theatre this time I won't be bitterly disappointed. There are times when I see the movie first and while I may not be blown away by the movie, I might even only mildly like it, it it is enough to make me read the book. Then, after I finish reading it, I'm left shaking my head in wonder. Why didn't they include some of these glorious scenes? Sure, sometimes they have to consolidate for time, I get that, but surely they could do better. I sometimes wonder if the Hollywood people in charge even READ the book before doing the job. Do they just say, "Hey, that book is super popular and we're out of ideas so lets take the summary and get people to come see it?"

I don't know. I will never understand Hollywood and I'll never be there. I have no delusions, my books are never going to be made into movies. Most books are not. Will I go to the next movie of a book I love? Depends on how much I love the book and what the reviews are like. Reviews from people who love the book too, not critics. I suppose I'm jaded in my old age.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my opinion or are you now shaking your head asking yourself, "Why do I even read Bekah Clark blog posts. She's so weird." You're right about that weird part, FYI. If you just want to leave a comment, go to the comments page. If you want me to answer, please go to Contact Us. I read everything I get from that and I will answer you.


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