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Dragonriders of Pern

Next in my books I love series, I'm going to stick to books I read when I was twelve that I have periodically read right up through adulthood. The first book in this series is my favorite, I'll admit. Most of that is because in Dragonflight, I really found the character of Lessa relatable. I loved her journey. I adored how she started out in such hardship and how her life changed in a direction that she did not want, but she rose to the occasion. I liked the weird romance that was going on with F’lar. The first three books in this series were always my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I still read all of the books but, while I devour these three, I slowly re-read the others. And there are a LOT of books in this universe.

And that’s all. My blogs are short, I know, but I like to say what needs saying and get back to things. As always in my Books I Love series, if you click the picture, you can buy the books. I hope you do and you enjoy!

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