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I haven't decided on an exact date, but end of January, beginning of February I am putting out a new book. It's my first foray into the paranormal romance genre. I'm not going into certain particulars because I want it to be a surprise while you read it. The Stone Sisters novels focus mainly on Lyssa and her younger sister Lexa. Lyssa wants to protect her younger sister at all costs and Lexa just wants to live as a normal teenage girl. They've been on their own and on the run for four years when the book picks up. In the high school they attend, Lyssa meets Kyle and her whole world changes.

On another front, I know I had previously said I'd work on the Frozen Queen: Suspended Heart in April. The truth is, I am working hard on it right now. Getting pass a certain point had proven difficult, but now that I am, the book is flowing smoothly. While the book continues to follow Phaedra, it is a very different book and I am hoping that it will be enjoyed!

Writing for me has been a gift, a place I can pour out my feelings. I have a difficult time expressing myself with the spoken word because I am extremely shy. It is even difficult for me to promote my books because I am very shy about them. I've really had to work on it. I have a lot of room for improvement on that score. But those of you who have read my books and enjoyed them have made this experience worth while. I thank you greatly.

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