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I like books. No, I LOVE books. Do you like them? If you are reading this blog, I bet you love books too. So what is it about books that, no matter how many are written, people just want more and more? For some it is the action, for others it is the complex stories, everyone is different. For me, it must be the characters. I must not just like the main character. I must love him or her. I can forgive a bit of predictability if the characters are charming. I can forgive some grammatical errors if I am entertained. I’ve read professionally published books with grammatical errors and gleefully ignored them because I loved the characters just that much. Characters, those are what drives me to hurry to the end of the book. Granted, story craft is important to me as well. Moreover, while I may put up with some predictability in the face of wondrous characters, I’m not so blinded by the beauty of an interesting heroine as to not notice when the story itself is a little lame.

This brings me to part two: story. I love a good story. Fantasy, romance, adventure. All of these things thrill me. I read YA, I read New Adult, and I read good old fantasies and science fiction. I read urban fantasy romance and I read anything I can get my hands on where the story peaks my interest. When I emotionally connect to the characters and the story holds me, now that is bliss.

So what do you read? What makes you adore a book? What’s the most important thing? Please feel free to leave comments in the comment section of the site. I’ll check them out and tell you what I think!

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