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The Lone Star

So, I knew it was bound to happen. Someone hated my book. One star. They didn't even read very far into the book, they quit about the second chapter. Now, I understand the Frozen Queen is NOT for everyone. Phaedra is very childish in the beginning of the series, and since it is written as if it is her words, I let that show in the style of writing. But, such a writing style is not for everyone. The one star reviewer DECIMATED my book. I actually am almost ready to cry right now, as I write this, I am so upset. Sad, not angry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I wish that person well. I hope that maybe they’ll give one of my other books a chance. Though I suggest downloading the sample first, it is available on Goodreads. If not, I understand. Maybe I am not the type of writer for them. In the meantime, I keep reminding myself that someone less verbose gave me 4-stars saying simply that they liked it and hoped for a sequel. The second book so far is nothing like the first, by design. Here's hoping that I will take this and work hard to IMPROVE my work. It is my dream to perhaps win this person someday in the future. Everytime I work on a novel, I feel I grow just a little and that is all I can do.

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